Advanced Design, Process and Production Capabilities

Utilizing state-of-the-art design and process engineering, from concept to final installation, Pro Systems provides the most effective solutions for your automated systems.

  • Advanced electric, pneumatic and hydraulic design
  • Fully documented prints and maintenance manuals
  • Complete system installation and training
  • Defined project management statement and process
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Comprehensive on-site services, including job shop machining, turning, grinding and wire EDM.

Comprehensive Automated Systems

General Equipment Specifications (where applicable)

  • All machined parts coated with e-nickel / NiCoTef® or anodized, as appropriate
  • All wear parts to be hardened
  • Design Units: Imperial
  • Fasteners: Metric
  • Base Construction: Cast Aluminum Tool Plate(s) decked via proprietary leveling system to a welded tubular base with Vlier leveling feet
  • Painted Surfaces: Sherwin-Williams Sher-Kem® Enamel
  • Guarding: aluminum extrusion / polycarbonate inserts, door interlocks where applicable
  • Controls- PLC: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix or MicroLogix
  • Controls- I/O: Beckhoff
  • Controls- Operator Interface: Allen-Bradley PanelView
  • Controls- Electrical Enclosures: Rittal, Hoffman
  • Transformers: Sola/Hevi-Duty
  • 6-Axis Robots: Fanuc
  • Vibratory Feeder Bowl(s) & Hopper(s): Stainless Steel, coatings, as required
  • Vibratory Controls: Rodix
  • Rotary Indexers: Camco-Ferguson, Sankyo, Weiss
  • Pneumatic Actuators: SMC, Bimba, Numatics
  • Solenoid Valves: SMC, Numatics
  • Linear Guides: HIWIN Square Rails & Bearings
  • Linear / Rotary Servo Actuators: IAI, Oriental Motor
  • Grippers: SMC, PHD, Robohand
  • Proximity Switches: Balluff, Allen-Bradley, Turck, Automation Direct (Analog)
  • Photoelectric / Fiber Optic Sensors: Keyence, Banner
  • Laser Sensors: Keyence
  • Vision Systems: Keyence, Cognex, Banner
  • All manipulated components are sensed for presence at deadnest
  • All sensor cables have wrap around tag numbers
  • All solenoid valves have engraved ID tags affixed to machine
  • Each function of the machine has a diagnostic element in the logic that activates an alarm if there is a fault
  • All sensors are programmed with a make/break mode to insure proper function
  • All actuated movements, where applicable, use quick release out board 12mm proximity switches for commonality and ease of replacement

We can also work with you to incorporate your own specifications into our machine designs.


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