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The automotive industry not only has a need for factory automation, but also for testing, such as leak and flow tests, mold inserts and tending, and part verification. Pro Systems’ not only meets these needs, but excels at improving manufacturability and reducing manufacturing costs.


In pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing the need for accuracy, testing and cleanliness may be strictly regulated and require careful documentation. To meet these high standards, Pro Systems can engineer systems with automated testing to increase reliability, lower the cost per test and speed up results reporting.


In electric and electronics manufacturing, reliability and repeatability are of paramount importance. That’s why Pro Systems offers creative automation solutions to maintain accurate tolerances and exact specifications even on extremely small parts and at high speeds.


From hand tools and knobs to helmets and shoe spikes, insert molding systems are everywhere in industrial manufacturing. Pro Systems’ automated machines can help you increase production by processing more pieces per minute. We can incorporate post- molding inspections to minimize bad parts. With automated systems designed for fast and easy changeovers, you have the flexibility to boost your product offerings.

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